The Mountain West wins by adding NDSU Football

Here's why:


Below is football data compiled from NCAA Financial Report data comparing NDSU to MW football members.

• NCAA FINANCIAL REPORTS for UNLV, SDSU, BSU, and AFA were unavailable.
  Please contact me if you have a 2018 or 2019 copy for one of those schools (CLICK HERE)
• Below is a mix of 2018/2019 data using 2018 when possible.
• Used other sources if necessary.
• Source links in site footer.

2018 Football Revenue (level playing field)

- If NDSU had received average MW distributions, conference bowl revenue, and guarantees:

1 - revenue level playing field

2018 Football Ticket Sales

2- ticket football sales

2018 Athletic Department's Royalties, Licensing, and Sponsorship Revenue:

(Obviously heavily influenced by football, although basketball can play a large roll e.g. New Mexico)

3 - royalties

2018 Football / Athletic Department Private Contributions:

(Many schools have large unallocated athletic budgets influenced by football)

4- private contributions


NDSU would bring more eyeballs to the Mountain West than any other team if Boise State were to leave.

Google Search Traffic (last 5 years)

5 - google search traffic

College GameDay Appearances (Since 2009):

6 - gameday


According to the 2019 Sagarin and Massey rankings NDSU would have been at the top of the MW.

2019 Sagarin Ratings

7 - sagarin

Current NFL players

9 - nfl players


NDSU already has G5 level facilities.

Stadium: Fargodome

Average Attendance:

This would be closer to 19,000 (max-capacity) for NDSU but of the 9 home games (6 is the MW average), NDSU was the severe favorite in several games so ticket sales suffered. You could expect a minimum of 19k+ for MW competition.

10 - average attendance

#5 Geography

• Similar culture
• Insignificant flight time difference
• Similar distances to other G5 conferences

MAP of MW with NDSU

Example flight times:

Fargo's Airport: <5min from Fargodome

If fly time is slightly more, the airport to stadium drive is not.

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